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As Mona Machine Technology, we fulfill all technical requirements regarding the protection of your personal data. In line with the matters specified within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, Mona Makine Technology has the title of “Data Controller”. We use the title of data controller by fully adhering to ethical principles and ensuring the security of your personal data at the highest standard. Our priority is to improve, update and implement our sensitivities regarding the protection of your personal information in all services you receive electronically.

We have a high level of sensitivity regarding the protection of your personal data. In this regard, we create all the necessary administrative, legal and technical infrastructure. In addition, we use minimal size files called cookies on our website in order to provide you with a much higher quality service and to update our service standard to a higher level. Although cookies do not contain any content that may threaten your digital security, they are used by our company only to provide you with better service. The technically smooth and healthy functioning of our website also depends on the use of cookies.

This “Cookie Policy” applies to the services provided by our website; It has been prepared to clarify how your personal data is collected, which data is collected, how personal data is processed, which cookies are used on our site and the rights you have regarding the protection of your personal data. In any transaction you make through our website, you are deemed to have confirmed that you accept and declare all the matters specified within the scope of this Cookie Policy. You can also access details regarding the use of your personal information and the sensitivity our company shows in this field through the “Privacy Policy”.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are minimal-sized files that websites place on users’ devices for a certain period of time or permanently. It is used by almost every web platform today. As Mona Makine, we include cookies on our website in order to provide you with a much higher quality service. The main purpose of using cookies is to raise the user’s internet experience to the highest standard when they visit the website. Accordingly, many different types of cookies can be used by websites.

Why Are Cookies Used?

Cookies are used to ensure that any website can be visited more effectively by users. However, another purpose of using cookies is to personalize and offer the most appropriate solution to the user’s personal needs, demands, preferences and wishes. Accordingly, your navigation on our website is stored and processed with the help of cookies. We collect and process some of your personal data through cookies in order to create a higher standard of satisfaction in the choices you make or the service you receive. Thanks to the technologies and security measures we use on our website, the security of all your personal information and data is ensured by us.

Types of Cookies Used on Our Site

Cookies are of different types. Each cookie performs a different function and is used by websites and companies for different purposes. We would like to inform you about the types of cookies we use on our site.

Persistent Cookies

The most basic function of persistent cookies is to track and track users’ movements on the internet. Depending on the characteristics and structure of the cookie, it is stored in subfolders of browsers for a certain period of time or permanently. These cookies keep track of your previous preferences and transactions. Provides information about your choices. Therefore, it is of vital importance for us to provide you with a higher quality and completely personalized service.

Mandatory Cookies

Mandatory cookies are used by websites largely to fulfill technical requirements. The most important function of mandatory cookies is to enable the user to provide all services efficiently from the moment the user visits the website. Not accepting mandatory cookies or rejecting them for a period of time may cause structural or technical problems in the services offered by the website.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are types of cookies that are considered under the category of temporary cookies. Such cookies are placed on your browser or device as soon as you log in to our website. After you complete your visit to our website and log out, session cookies are deleted, provided that they are not used again. Purpose of use of session cookies; It is about ensuring the technical security of our website and you.

Functional and Analytical Cookies

Functional and analytical cookies are types of cookies that can be used for many different purposes. Our main purpose in using functional and analytical cookies is; It is about improving the user experience when you visit our website. However, functional and analytical cookies; It also provides data regarding user behavior and determination of company policies to the relevant departments of our company. These data; How long you spend on which page, the total duration of your visit, the actions and user movements you take when you visit our website. They provide all kinds of data regarding user traffic of our website.

Purposes of Use of Cookies

The cookies used on our website are preferred solely to provide you with a higher quality and efficient service. Developing our management policies and strengthening our service standards is another purpose of including cookies on our website. We would like to inform you with details about the purposes of cookie use. In this regard, the purposes of using cookies on our website can be listed as follows:

The services provided through our website and the services offered to you; To provide a quality, efficient, technically competent, powerful and personalized experience,

  • To ensure that our website operates smoothly and healthily,
  • To create customer satisfaction at the highest standard,
  • To inform you about our company’s management policies, promotion, marketing strategies and advertising activities,
  • To bring you together with the solutions that best suit your demands and wishes,
  • To ensure technical management of the process in your membership or purchase transactions,
  • To improve the performance of our website,
  • To enable users to use our website more easily,
  • To detect possible suspicious activities that may occur on our website,
  • To ensure that our customers can access the services we offer more easily and comfortably,
  • To inform you about our new services and services, if deemed necessary.

Managing and Deleting Cookies

Cookies can be managed by users or deleted or completely rejected if necessary. You can delete the cookies you accept on our website at any time you wish, update your choices, or completely reject the use of cookies. Accordingly, what you need to do to manage cookies depends on the services offered by the browser you use. Many popular browsers offer the opportunity to manage all details regarding the use of cookies. You can access all the details on how to manage or delete cookies via the official web address of the browser you use.